Jingle Bell Rock

  • Holiday Stories

  • Release Date: November 30, 2020

    The crossover event to end all crossovers!

    One night. Seven couples. A Christmas theyโ€™ll never forget.

    Jingle Bell Rock features seven couples from across the Ella and Brooke universe, all coming together in one story to bring you joy, happiness, and a little Christmas cheer.


    Logan & Tate (Temptation Series)

    Ace & Dylan (Preslocke Series)

    Viper & Halo (Fallen Angel Series)

    Robbie, Julien, & Priest (Confessions Series)

    Panther & Solo (Elite Series)

    Shaw & Trent (South Haven Series)

    Paige & Dawson w/Ryleigh (LA Liaisons Series)

    Also in this series: