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I’m so thrilled to showcase some of the talented people behind the scenes of the book world. Hopefully, you’ll meet some new-to-you bloggers, authors, artists, photographers, editors, models, and more!

Today I’m talking with Karen Hulseman from MY OWN BOOKSHELVES! She’s a sassy one who gives it right back to me, and I love it! Read on for more about her fabulous blog! <3


From left to right: Karen with author Melanie Moreland, Karen with author ES Carter, Me and Karen at Love N Vegas 2017!

Photos are property of Karen Hulseman.

Well hello, dahhhling, how lovely of you to join me for what I assure you will be borderlining harassment. But since you gave me permission, you can’t sue, so please, stop with the lawyers.


Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you Edward Cullen?

Ummm… I have been known to stretch the truth and I am #TeamJacob. Seriously? Have you seen the abs?

If you answered yes, you may continue. If you answered no, well, you do not pass GO, you do not collect $200.

I have my own $200

See? I told you she’s sassy.

1. Please state your name(s), your blog, and how long you’ve been doin’ the damn thing.

Karen Hulseman My Own Bookshelves

This blog is three years old. I’ve been blogging other shit longer.

2. What’s the focus of your blog? Do you just want peace and sprinkles and to make the world happy with your reviews? Do you want to day drink and post all the twenty thousand new releases? Tell me (and the three people reading this) what you’re all about and what makes your blog stand out.

I am a mix of a lot of different shit stuff. When I started this blog, I focused on the romance community. I’d talk about what interested me. No reviews or cover reveals. Then my dear, sweet, lovely Aussie friend and best author ever, Beth Cranford, decided to publish last year. I caved. I now do cover reveals, reviews. And occasionally spill word vomit about stuff I care about.

3. Do you have genres you prefer to read and promote, or are you one of those if-it-catches-my-eye-I-wants-it blogs?

This blog is dedicated to Romance. I read all sorts of it. There really isn’t a taboo or will-not-go-there. If the synopsis catches my eye, I’ll read it. If I love it, I’ll then go on a binge and read ALL your stuff.

4. We all know blogging can be a thankless job…err, hobby, rather. The long hours, the no pay, the rude people you want to shove off a bridge… Tell me one example of something that’s made all the hard work worth it.

First and foremost, I have met and have an amazing group of book friends that I love. All that talking about what we love. Yep, magical. So that’s my number one. Next, I’ve been introduced to some amazing storytellers. Amazon’s ‘Recommended for You’ is just based on my last buy click. Whereas blogging has opened up possibilities. Some excellent and some totally suck balls. But I love reading and just is my jam.

5. What can an author do to make your life 1.2 million times easier? Or better? Easier and better? And don’t say give you money, remember, most of us don’t have any.

Seriously? Can you ask your PR companies to be a bit more communicative? I know you don’t have control. And trust me, I’ve heard all the lame excuses “People forget”. But getting graphics and html at 6pm THE.DAY.BEFORE. << I have a life. I know how to schedule and stuff. If you need to babysit the blogs that have ADD and can’t use a calendar, then babysit those. But for the love that is all holy, send out materials 72 hours in advance please.

Oh and if you can’t write HTML, don’t send it. Send the words in a document along with the graphics. Nothing more than having a closet geek pissing and moaning over fixing crap HTML.

6. If someone put a knife to your throat (~CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC~) and forced you to tell them your favorite read this year and five words that describe it, what would you say? Remember, this is life or death here. Don’t fuck it up.

Ugh… I hate this question and I’ll tell you why. Take genres, there is a different appeal to say, angsty MM, to pee-your-pants MF rom com. I feel like I love the books for different reasons, so choosing one, you suck Brooke.

PS: I’m now dead because I used more than five words.

7. If you were to be stuck on a…well, not an island, because where do you bathe, and not an elevator because that’s just too claustrophobic for me… Okay, let’s say a high-class, luxury apartment. Yeah, that’s better. If you had to be stuck in some deserted, high-class, luxury apartment, what book boyfriend or girlfriend would be the one serving you grapes and why?

Aiden Callaghan from Aiden: Vested Interest book 2. He is handsome, buff, over six foot, funny, loyal and protective. Plus have your read the book dedication? No? Let me tell you, the author gifted Aiden to me. So forever in black and white – HE. IS. MINE.

(Aiden: Vested Interest #2 is by Melanie Moreland)

8. So, speaking as a fellow lowly starving artist, I’m always looking for books and authors that also need a bit more SHOUTING OUT, DAMMIT. What book(s)/author(s) do you wish more people would get the hell behind? (Feel free to include a link to your review.)

The choosing again… you still suck, Brooke. Umm okay – seriously, Beth Cranford. With each book, you can see the personal growth she has as a storyteller. She’s not afraid to keep it real, because let’s face it, we all aren’t going to marry an Alpha Gazillionaire.

Check out Karen’s review of “About Time” by B. Cranford here.

9. Since you stated on your questionnaire that you at least tolerate me (thank you!), I’d love to know which of my books you tolerated the mostestest. Feel free to use more than five words for this one. 😉

Again with the choosing…. ARGH… A Little Bit Like Love. Yep, that’s my favorite. First, favorite subtrope – second chance. They get the chance to redeem themselves and not fuck it up. Everyone loves an underdog. I think that you really showed that soft underbelly and exposed to the reader all the ugly and watched them fall harder in love.

And yes, you’ve got a lot to live up to for book 2 – no pressure LOL!

(LOL! So how’d I do with Trent + Shaw? ~wink~ Check out her awesome review for A Little Bit Like Desire HERE)

10. How can we all stalk your ass? (Aka LIST YO LINKS.)

Website: Facebook:





· Favorite Disney Princess?

Mulan – she kicks ass. Literally.

· You see your ex at a party. Quick, what shots do you down?

Vodka, chilled. Ice fucking cold.

· Nsync or Backstreet Boys (there’s only one right answer on this one.)

Backstreet Boys

Brooke: NO! NOT RIGHT!

· What is the best type of cheese?

Cheese. All cheese. Like ALL. THE. CHEESE.

· Favorite bingeworthy show we should all be watching?

Queer as Folk. I so miss that show.

· Of all the fictional worlds, where would you most like to live?

In Pemberly.

· What’s the most annoying habit other people have?

Not using their blinkers. It’s not a car accessory.

· What job would you be terrible at?

Teacher. No patience.

· You’ve started a cult. ~gasp~ What kind is it?

Ohhhh…. We would be a cult of martini drinking, cheesy rom-com watching while trying every face mask kind.

Hmm, I think I may be joining Karen’s cult, y’all… 😉

Thank you so much for letting me feature you on Brooke’s Blog Showcase, Karen! I adore you, and I appreciate you and your support so much.

Speaking of support, go give these My Own Bookshelves allllll the love by checking out Karen’s links! (Refer back to question #10, spank you, come again.)

The photos below are courtesy of Karen Hulseman.

From left to right:

Top Photo 1: Sharon Reading, Alexandria Mihailia, and Karen

Top Photo 2: Sharon Reading and Karen

Top Photo 3: Karen with author Eva LeNoir

Bottom row, left to right.

Photo 1: Alexandria Mihailia and Karen

Photo 2: Candice and Diane Sullivan with Karen in the middle (all but this one were taken at #RARELondon18!)

Thanks so much for sharing these fabulous photos with us! 🙂

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