Two Book Pushers

I’m so thrilled to showcase some of the talented people behind the scenes of the book world. Hopefully, you’ll meet some new-to-you bloggers, authors, artists, photographers, editors, models, and more!

One of the blogs that has been with me since the very beginning – TWO BOOK PUSHERS – will be kicking off the Blogger Showcase, so check out the fun interview below and let me know what you think! <3


1. Please state your name(s), your blog, and how long you’ve been doin’ the damn thing.

Sandra Shipman and Kara Hildebrand. Two Book Pushers. It’s been four and a half years.

2. What’s the focus of your blog? Do you just want peace and sprinkles and to make the world happy with your reviews? Do you want to day drink and post all the twenty thousand new releases? Tell me (and the three people reading this) what you’re all about and what makes your blog stand out.

We do want peace! We want our followers to enjoy reading our reviews and trusting our judgement. That we are just two working moms who love love and the authors who give us the escape? We are down to earth and just want to have fun, not the recognition or money. Definitely not the money, we have made any since 2014. Lol. It’s for the authors and readers.

3. Do you have genres you prefer to read and promote, or are you one of those if-it-catches-my-eye-I-wants-it blogs?

Sandra: I love all kinds of romance. Hearts and flowers to whips and darkness. M/M, M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, even add in a fourth member. I do crave the darker reads every few weeks. I also need a YA thrown in there.

We might not read all the genres but we will promote any of them if the book looks like something our followers would read.

4. We all know blogging can be a thankless job…err, hobby, rather. The long hours, the no pay, the rude people you want to shove off a bridge… Tell me one example of something that’s made all the hard work worth it.

The authors. We love connecting with them and their words. It is also makes us feel good when someone tells us that they loved the book that we recommended.

5. What can an author do to make your life 1.2 million times easier? Or better? Easier and better? And don’t say give you money, remember, most of us don’t have any.

We have it can’t always be possible but getting ARC’s at least two weeks before the release would be awesome! We like to post our reviews on release day and most the time it does happen but if there are so many releases on the same day, we can feel rushed. Yes. We can sign up for less but we want all the books from the authors we love.

6. If someone put a knife to your throat (~CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC~) and forced you to tell them your favorite read this year and five words that describe it, what would you say? Remember, this is life or death here. Don’t fuck it up.

Sandra: The Ribbon Duet By Pepper Winters. Heartbreaking. Indescribable. Magnificent. Raw.

Kara: Flipping Love you, Helena Hunting. It was perfection. Gave me all the feels! True, Ella Frank. The perfect ending to the perfect couple. One of my favorites couples of all time.

7. If you were to be stuck on a…well, not an island, because where do you bathe, and not an elevator because that’s just too claustrophobic for me… Okay, let’s say a high-class, luxury apartment. Yeah, that’s better. If you had to be stuck in some deserted, high-class, luxury apartment, what book boyfriend or girlfriend would be the one serving you grapes and why?

Sandra: Noah Calhoun. He was my first love! I loved the movie so much I named my daughter Ally.

Kara: Roarke from the JD Robb books is one of my all time favorites!

8. So, speaking as a fellow lowly starving artist, I’m always looking for books and authors that also need a bit more SHOUTING OUT, DAMMIT. What book(s)/author(s) do you wish more people would get the hell behind? (Feel free to include a link to your review.)


Lili Valente, Margaret McHeyzer, Shana Vanterpool, Natalie Wrye, Nicole Archer


Lili Valente, Sloane Kennedy, Julie Richman, AM Salinge

9. Since you stated on your questionnaire that you at least tolerate me (thank you!), I’d love to know which of my books you tolerated the mostestest. Feel free to use more than five words for this one. 😉

Sandra: I love them all but L.A Liasions crack me the fuck up. I just love the banter between the women. The men are delicious.

Kara: I honestly love ALL your books, but Forget me Not and Remember me When touched me so much! Oh, and A Little bit Like Love!!

10. How can we all stalk your ass? (Aka LIST YO LINKS.)




· Favorite Disney Princess?

Sandra: Ariel

Kara: Belle

· You see your ex at a party. Quick, what shots do you down?

Sandra: I don’t drink anymore but I would take a shot of tequila.

Kara: Definitely Tequila

· Nsync or Backstreet Boys (there’s only one right answer on this one.)

Sandra: Well, damn that’s a hard question. I have seen both in concert. I love JT! So *NSYNC.

Kara: Neither. Both? I do love me some JT!

· What is the best type of cheese?

Sandra: I miss cheese! I can’t eat it but it was Gouda.

Kara: I’m lactose intolerant, but I LOVE all the cheese.

· Favorite bingeworthy show we should all be watching?

Sandra: So many! Going with a funny one. The Office

Kara: Santa Clarita Diet.

· Of all the fictional worlds, where would you most like to live?

Sandra: Oz!

Kara: Lucky Harbor from a Jill Shalvis series.

· What’s the most annoying habit other people have?

Sandra: Rudeness

Kara: Like, snapping gum annoying? Cause I hate that!

· What job would you be terrible at?

Sandra: IT. Technology hates me.

Kara: Teacher

· You’ve started a cult. ~gasp~ What kind is it?

Sandra: A cult that believes a book a day keeps the anxiety away.

Kara: A cult that only talks in movie quotes.

Thank you so much for being my FIRST bloggers featured on Brooke’s Blog Showcase, Sandra & Kara! I adore you both, and I appreciate you and your support so much.

Speaking of support, go give these ladies allllll the love by checking out their links! (Refer back to question #10, spank you, come again.)

The pics below are courtesy of Kara and Sandra, and are from Love N Vegas 2014!

“It was the first time we met in person. We had to send one with Lauren since she was the reason we met in the first place.”

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